Alloy Wheel Repair

Precision Wheels can complete a number of different repairs and refinishes on your alloy wheels including:

  • Curb Damage Repair
  • Custom Colouring
  • Machine and diamond cut repairs
  • Bent Wheel Repair
  • Polished Wheels
  • Corrosion Repair
  • Curb Damage

    Precision wheels can repair all types of curb damage, scuffs and scrapes. Our technical painters ensure that the colour match and gloss is perfect. At Precision Wheels repairing your wheel back to it’s original condition is what we pride ourselves on.

  • Rim Straightening

    Our technology allows us to straighten rims up to 26” in diameter regardless of the wheel style. Precision Wheels technique uses controlled hydraulic pressure, dial indicators and engineering skill to straighten even the most difficult rims, to meet the original factory specifications. We ask that all the bent rims are brought to us with the Tyre already removed for faster more efficient service. Generally rims can be repaired and returned the same day.

  • Polished Wheels

    Most polished wheels today have a protective clearcoat on them. Therefore, the clearcoat must be stripped off in order to begin the polishing process. This results in a slightly longer turnaround time to allow for the best results. However, all polished wheels – cloudy, scratched, or oxidized can be restored to a mirror like finish.

  • Remanufacturing Services

    If a wheel is damaged we can provide you with another alternative. Why replace a badly damaged wheel with a brand new one? New OEM wheels can easily cost over $1000 for a factory, dealer or aftermarket replacement. Our remanufacturing solution is the answer.

  • Machine faced wheels

    • More original rims that are being supplied are machined faced. They cannot be repaired back to original condition unless you use a CNC lathe.
    • The repairs carried out by mobile repair operators involve the rubbing back of the repair locally then spraying in a silver colour.
    • Ask your repairer if they will be using a CNC profiling lathe?
    • With our process we thoroughly clean the wheel and strip the finish back. The damage is repaired using state of the art CNC technology and digital profiling. The wheel is cleaned again and prepared for refinishing by first priming, then painting and finally clear coating. The wheel is then oven-baked, returning the finish to its OEM specifications.
    • Some cracked, severely bent and even broken wheels can still be repaired. These repairs also require welding and machining.
    • Precision Wheels Repair Specialists will save you a significant amount of time and money with our fast and efficient service.
    • Wholesale service is also available, call us for more details.
  • Re-colouring and custom painting

    Precision Wheels can change the colour of YOUR alloy wheels for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel

    • We have a variety of colour options including:
    • Blacks through from High Gloss to Matt Black (Stealth)
    • Black Chrome
    • Sliver Chrome
    • Ice Chrome
    • Hyper chromes
    • Hyper silver
    • Candies
    • Dark hyper silver (gunmetal)
    • White
    • Vehicle colour matching
    • Painted pockets
    • Painted pockets with machined finish

    We can also paint your wheels to match the exact paint code of your vehicle!

    Additionally, if your alloy wheels are already coloured and have cosmetic damage, Precision Wheels is the only wheel repair service that can repair and re-paint your wheels to match the colour.

  • Nitrogen Inflation - Tyre Maintenance & Safety

    Precision Wheels uses an ultra-high purity nitrogen gas that replaces the air in your tyres. Nitrogen is becoming a very popular replacement for standard air in pneumatic tyres because of the amazing benefits it provides. Tyres inflated with nitrogen can last up to 50% longer than those inflated with regular air. Vehicles riding on nitrogen inflated tyres can enjoy fuel economy increases of up to 10% and a reduction in the likelihood of a tyre failure of up to 75%.

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